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PoxNora Onslaught

PoxNora Onslaught -

Onslaught is a fast-paced action survival game set in an established fantasy world dominated by 8 warring regions. Players work together, battling enemies as they secure treasure, resources and capture important landmarks. Featuring tactical, collaborative gameplay and endless customization.


Players start the world campaign at the capital city of their chosen faction, battling over 24 opposing faction leaders for world dominance. Players must navigate the military and political landscape as they attempt to unite over 100 territories through battle and diplomacy.

Once controlled, each territory must be defended by building walls, towers, traps and by establishing over 12 different settlement outposts. A team of up to 5 Heroes can battle together against AI opponents.

Onslaught is a real-time strategy game, with players controlling powerful Heroes with the ability to summon a wide range of ai-driven champions to assist them in their quest for dominance.

The base game will include 8 different regions, 24 factions, 24-40 playable Heroes and 120 unique ai-controlled champions. 

Unfortunately as of 1/1/23 we have suspended development on Onslaught. We are actively looking for ways to continue as we feel the game has a ton of promise. 



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