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Glint Brighthammer Combat test

Currently I have been focusing on getting the Siege Defense gameplay as fun as possible. We are still implementing many of the systems for this aspect of the game, but it is starting to come together. Siege battles are the main system in the game. You will need to go on the offensive to re-claim lost territories on the world map - which is the Siege Offense aspect. You must overcome walls, towers, traps, enemy heroes and troops in order to overtake the stronghold.

Once re-claimed, you will need to harvest resources, set defenses, build outposts and fortify your territory in order to repel the enemies that will inevitably come to test you.

Each player-controlled hero will have a unique combat style, as well as their own special abilities (3 activated, 2 passive), ai-controlled deployable champion troops, spells, traps and equipment. During a campaign players will get a chance to play, level and gear-up ALL the Heroes in their allied factions, so re-playability will be high.

For Glint, he will be able to shield himself and others, Can heal multiple allies at a time and can toss a magical hammer that knocks enemies back and down. Passive abilities include Fear Undead, which can result in an undead unit exploding on contact, and Victor's Respite - which heals Glint after every enemy he defeats.

As you can see from the sample, we are trying to make combat a visceral experience. Bone-crunching, gore splattering and knocking enemies into environmental hazards will make the combat feel grounded in reality and extremely satisfying. Arrows stick into targets and persist for awhile, which was inspired by the Valiant Sacrifice IF spell rune.

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