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Onslaught Promo video released!

Even though we have been spending a considerable amount of time fund-raising, we have made some significant progress on the game over the last few months since my last post. Yes fund-raising sucks, especially when you have deals on the table one minute only to have them disappear the next. If we do not secure enough initial funding to release with all 24 factions, we will most likely have to release in stages. Brainstorming unique ways to fund development that doesn't require us to significantly alter our plans. Combat is feeling much better and we finally have enough systems in place to begin some early balancing and refinement on the core game play. Justin has completed pretty much all of the building functionality and it is working great. Ironfist towers can be upgraded 3 times: base towers are just visual presence, Stage 2 has a dwarven Windfury manning the tower, Stage 3 has a dwarven Gunner with better range and upgraded tower health. Stage 4 towers will house an explosive expert with an AOE bomb, and an even beefier tower. Tower destruction levels have been implemented, but we are still working on final death FX for them. Barricades are looking good as well. First stage will just be a blockade, 2nd stage will damage enemies when they attack it, 3rd stage will fire an explosive projectile. Art completed the Titan statue functionality and has created a really smooth, fun combat system. Titans will work just like the other buildings, except it will require both nora and gold to upgrade, and must be upgraded 4 times to bring it to life. Spend resources building defenses and deploying support troops or spend it on the Titan? Art is now working on combat improvements and is almost complete with a new "attack of opportunity" system that is going to be really fun. Each Hero has both a light and heavy standard attacks (left and right mouse clicks / trigger son controller), BUT each Hero will also have a special timed trigger for their heavy attack that executes a special finishing move. Example/ Glint is fighting a move of 10 enemies. If an enemy begins a ranged attack targeting him, a special indicator will appear over that units head. If the player clicks their heavy attack, within 2 seconds of the indicator appearing, he will hurl his shield at the enemy - knocking back ALL enemies in the path of the shield but dealing 200% damage to the target. If the enemy is not defeated, your teammates will get an "attack of opportunity" against the same target. We are really trying to create fun systems of interaction between teammates and i cannot wait to test this out.

Next up, we will be creating some of the Outpost buildings that can be built in your territories. Outposts will prove your team with certain bonuses and can also spawn support units to your cause. Example: Stoneshaper Guild. Battle Perks: Building and controlling the guild will reduce the cost of deploying construct champions by 10/20/30% and reduce the cost of the Stone Colossus Titan by 2/4/6% - depending on upgrade level. Once controlled, the Guild will set loose an earth elemental every (90/60/30) seconds. The Stoneshapers guild will have a squad of 1 construct and 1 Elemental Warstaff defending it. Goal is to have 15 unique Outposts at launch. I will be working on designing the world map and its 120 regions so we can at least showcase how the campaign will work.

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