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Ironfist Hero previews

In Onslaught, you and your allies (2-5 players) will each control a single Hero that will have a variety of abilities to choose from. We wanted the combat to require skill and be fairly action-focused. We are currently fine-tuning everything in the game to get the feel we want. For Ironfist, we have 3 Ironfist Heroes completed, as well as 12 champions. Your team will be acquiring resources (Gold, Nora) in order to build out your Stronghold. Gold is used to harden your defenses (Walls, Towers, Traps), bring your Stone Colossus Titan to life and to build beneficial Outposts (the Forge, Thieves Guild, Barracks, Embassy, Hospital, etc) across your territory. Nora is used to deploy Champions, Spells and Equipment from your Hero's faction. Here is a very early preview of some of the initial Heroes:

Glint Brighthammer

Glint is an old, grizzled Battle Cleric, one of the last remaining from Euan Ironfist's royal guard. Wielding a 1 handed warhammer and shield, Glint can chain light attacks (LMB) with his hammer or produce a single heavy backhand swing (RMB). Glint can heal several friendly units simultaneously with his Cure Wounds ability. Shield of Protection knocks enemies away from Glint and protects him from damage for several seconds, or he can fire the shield at an ally in danger. Glint can also charge his hammer and toss it in a straight line, damaging and knocking down any enemies in its path. Passive abilities include the ability to Fear Undead while attacking and a small self heal whenever Glint defeats an enemy.


Bron Forgefire

Bron is one of the few remaining Forgefire dwarves, having been driven out of the Underdepths by Maxxarek and his demonic forces. Bron harnesses the power of the forge and wields two powerful axes. Bron can chain light attacks with his 2 weapons to slice through his opponents (LMB) and can perform a forward tumble to provide a powerful heavy attack (RMB). Bron can charge at his enemies, knocking them all down and away. When surrounded by many enemies, he can Combust, creating a powerful explosion, damaging all enemies around him. With enough rage, Bron will Overheat, causing his skin, armor and weapons to burst into flames increasing his damage and speed for several seconds. passive abilities include Berserker Rage - as Bron loses health in battle his damage increases.


Kadrik Silverstream

Kadrik Silverstream is a Dwarven Engineer with Clan Stoneshaper. Not know for his melee abilities, Kadrik relies on gadgets and inventions to do his battle for him. Grenades, Mines and a self-targeting grenade launcher are at his disposal whenever he finds himself in battle. Kadrik can Earth Meld to quickly get out of difficult situations. Passive Abilities include Construction Plans, enabling Kadrik to repair walls and towers. Combat Training allows Kadrik to boost critical strike chance an damage to friendly units close to him.

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