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Towers are in!

So you've just discovered the long lost ruins of Ironfist Stronghold. What to do next? First thing is to make sure you have cleared the Stronghold of any lingering enemies. Next, its time to scavenge for resources and start building up your defenses.

Towers are your first line of defense against the Onslaught of enemies heading your way. Serkan and his minions have been dominating the region for centuries and they are not about to let a small band off dwarven refugees come in and take back the stronghold.

Each tower can be upgraded for additional firepower: Level 01 - Sentry Tower

Level 02 - Windfury Tower

Level 03 - Gunner Tower

Level 04 - Explosives Expert Tower

In addition to Towers, players will be able to construct various barriers, traps and walls in order to slow the enemy hordes down. Once your defenses are set, players will explore the map, capturing and upgrading over a dozen different Stronghold Outposts, such as The Forge, The Stoneshaper Guild and The Farm to further fortify their settlement and to prepare for war.

Play with up to 5 friends as you attempt to drive out the villainous forces from over 100 territories scattered throughout the world map.

The team was just discussing today how much fun we are having building the gameplay prototype for Onslaught. It's the first time any of us had the ability to work on a project like this, without an artificial deadline. No rushing to get done, just all methodically working towards a common goal.

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